June 9th, 2008 by iMil
<redseb> tout à l’heure j’ai matté ma voisine en train de se changer de soutif
<redseb> on fait ce qu’on peut …
<tahorg> redseb: mais t’a pas une girly toi ?
<oliv3> redseb: mais t’as pas une webcam toi ?




GCU live

[00:22:22] Lasher` yopla
[00:23:00] gaston putain le truc de selection du niveau de cookies sur slashdot
[00:23:10] gaston processing preferences qui prend environ 2mn
[00:24:11] gaston Processing Preferences
[00:24:13] gaston We are processing your request, this could take up to a few minutes to process.
[00:24:16] gaston serieux.
[00:26:18] GuiGui2 sounds legit
[00:26:29] gaston krkr
[00:26:31] gaston Have you ever heard of a security breach on a OpenBSD system? You probably did, it's because that is actually newsworthy! News of a new MS security breach is chucked into the same lame bin as 'Cat is stuck in tree', 'Small baby is born', 'MH370 is finally found', 'Cat still stuck', 'MH370 still not found', 'Is this the year for BitCoins'?, "Cat climbed down himself'
[00:26:48] gaston aah slashdot
[00:27:24] moid y'a aussi `rabbit watched porn' dans la liste du tout-venant




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